2000 - 2003    



Escritura cobalto y negra, 2000




Sphère bleue de Paris, 2000



Cercle bleu dans le carré, 2000




The function of any work of art is to stimulate reflection; its interest is highly conceptual, although the artist must resort to sensorial means to make his concepts clear.


Ocre jaune inférieur, 2000




Gran naranja en lo alto, 2001



Carré orange, 2001


Grand violet, 2001



Ortogonal vibrante y cuadrado, 2002


In the future as in the past, my art will remain linked to the uncertain, taking care not to try to express the permanent, the unchangeable. For I have never sought to show reality caught at one precise moment, but, on the contrary, to reveal universal change, of which temporality and infinitude are the constituent values. The universe, I believe, is uncertain and unsettled. The same must be true of my work.